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Damn, its been a while

i know i haven't updated in a while, but i been real busy with work and shit.

ummm...where do i start?

okay, if u didn't know, me and merlyn are together, even tho she is in louisiana and im in new york and i break stuff at night because i know shes not coming back for another three weeks.

i got a kick ass internship at SG Cowen, an investment bank, on 49th street and 6th avenue. they compete with companies like Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, and Bear Sterns, if any of those names mean anything to you. i work in the research dept. which means that i get to sit at my desk all day and read about different companies. some of the companies that i work with are Ibiquity Digital (introducing HD Radio), Worldspace (satellite radio company in Asia and Africa, recently filed for an IPO through us, which is in the process of being established), J2Global (allows faxes to be sent as e-mail instead of fax machines.), and Globix (telecom company). funniest thing about the job, the people i work with make like 200G's a year and still go to Subway on tuesdays to get double "free subs" tickets. cheap ass bastards.

i was invited to play in a basketball tournament at Smokey Park a few weeks ago, including 16 teams of 5, with the winning team getting $500 and a bye in the first round of the next tournament. they also gave out smaller prizes of $25 and $50 fpr the most points, rebounds, steals, blocks, and assists. my team, including myself, James (15), Raja (24), Alex (15) and Vimal (18) made it to the final four. we lost to this team of five guys who had to be swallowing some pills before each game cuz they just kept getting bigger. final score was 21-17. I won the game award for most blocks (8) and assists (6) for the round, and my boy James for the most points scored (13). Unfortunately, during our final game, i jumped for a rebound, and one of those big apes kicked his leg out and hit me in the shin. i then landed on that same leg, and heard an uncomforting crunch. went to the doc, and doc said that im lucky i aint break the leg. so now i gotta wear this damn leg brace until at least tuesday, when i hopefully take it off. probably will have to wrap it up for a few days after too. funny thing there is that i haven't stopped playing ball. i was at the park on friday, practicing my free throws and passing (seeing as i can't jump.)

and the last bit of exciting news, im going for my road test re-take on wednesday at 9:00 a.m. those of you who know what happened last time, i promise it won't happen again. for those that don't know, its too embarrassing to tell, so don't ask me. but im sure i will get the license this time, because i go driving everywhere now. every weekend, my mom magically finds six different places that she needs to go, all of which i have to take her too. but trust, as soon as i get that piece of paper, im gone bitches. and i be driving a 05 maxima, so u know im cruisin in style. wanna go somewhere?

other than that, im mad pissed that i don't get to see my friends as often as i had hoped i would be able to, mostly due to work or work related reasons, partly cuz im a lazy bum and need at least 6 hours of sleep to function at the office. but don't be sad, i finished working on August 8th (next monday) so get the parties ready and the poker chips set, cuz im fixing to catch up on a lot of pots, if u know what im saying. i need to see everyone before u move away to college, so let me know whats good so i can see whats really good.

peace out bitches

P.S: harold and kumar still kick ass...

P.P.S: so do people with real jobs...

P.P.P.S: and people named sonia, noelle, or molly


if ur name aint here, its cuz i really didn't feel like typing out EVERYONE's name, so this goes out to the rest of you. look at this way, ur too cool for this list
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