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quote of the night:

"Yo, lemme get your number so i can call you tomorrow and tell you how much of a fuckin headache i have." (will)
"aight b, 718-736-4191" (me)
"yo, don't take this the wrong way man, but what's your name again?" (will)
"haha, did will just ask you what your name was?" (jacob)
"yeah. sad thing is that i had to think about it for a second." (me)

last night was fuckin bonkers yo. i left the house, and turned left even tho 3 people told me to take a right. stumbled down the block when a small hispanic man asked me if i wanted a taxi. i nodded my head, then took two minutes to get into the car. blacked out. woke up again outside my house, so i must have told him address, right? gave him his money, and walked into the house. cold shower, lost contacts, found one on my finger, black out. woke up this morning in my work clothes at around 6:30. contacts in the wrong eye, thought i was going blind. now im sitting at my desk, slowly nodding off at 9:22 in the morning.

I'd like to thank the makers of vodka, beer, and ice. good shit homie.

P.S: will, we are so fuckin crazy son.
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