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1) What is mola426 allergic to? i really don't know, not something u ask often...
2) How many monkeys could justaddwater57 fight at once and win against? 27
3) Is s7paradise related to you? no
4) Does spicedroti go to your school? no
5) Would cobra09 and sassybaby102087 look good together? no
6) Which of your friends should radditzousan go out with? i dunno, i ain't no matchmaker
7) Have you ever dated wicked1mpulses? no
8) If sharqtanq commanded an army, who would be his/her followers? everyone, he can attract a crowd like that
9) If sassybaby102087 was a superhero, who would be his/her archnemesis? her little bro
10) What would you do if asian_brownie died? cry like a baby
11) Does mola426 drink? very, very little
12) Thoughts on mola426? amazing, period.
13) What would literati3003 give mola426 for his/her birthday? haha, let's not
14) What planet should cobra09 be from? earth, what else?
15) Would you ever date s7paradise? yes
16) Has radditzousan dyed their hair? yeah, red streaks
17) What is chenmaster's biggest flaw? mad cocky
18) How long have you known justaddwater57? 4 years
19) Is spicedroti single? no
20) bluelion70's eye color? hazel kinda color, i think
21) Is radditzousan related to chenmaster? no
22) Do you have a crush on mola426? not presently
23) Do you think s7paradise is hot? yes
24) One thing you can't stand about s7paradise? she likes Colorado and moved there
25) Is bigblackafrica 1337? what the hell is 1337?
26) Where was spicedroti born? Baltimore
27) Would you make out with mola426? how could i say no to that
28) What is justaddwater57's favorite band/artist? can't really say
29) Does cobra09 smoke? only when he's running
30) What comic book character would sassybaby102087 be? Storm
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