princealli87 (princealli87) wrote,

Turkey Bowl II

Yo, to everyone who is interested, saturday november 26th at approx. 1:30, turkey bowl II.

however, instead of being seniors vs. juniors, this game will be college vs. high school. anyone who falls into one of those categories is invited to attend/play.

if u wanna play, send me an email at put ur name in the email subject jus in case i don't know ur email address. we gonna play @ cadman plaza, rain or shine, mud or dirt.

again, anyone who wants to come is invited to come, i want this to be a big event where the college students whoop the shit out of all the high school kids. so mark the date ya'll, and make sure u get ur ass there. none of that "man, its too early" or "im tired" bullshit. come out and hold it down for ur team.

spread the word. turkey bowl II is gonna be big

p.s: jus cuz its football don't mean the ladies can't come. come to play, come to watch, come for the after party, watever u like. jus make sure u let me know if u comin
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