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A Not So Spectacular Entry for an Exceptionally Spectacular Return

Whats up kiddos? its been mad long since i posted something of actual content on livejournal (although the santa thing was kinda funny).

so, im jus comin back to say...


i pimp-slapped my chem final...torn my english final a new one...and barely got by my math final...but i made it. it took several nights of studying though no all nighters. it took numerous study sessions, none that i could stand to last the entire thing. it took more than enough cups of ice tea and brownies, none of which i got to finish. but im now a second semester freshman.

hmmm...times is i have no money...which means that some of the last minute christmas gifts i have bought r not gonna be on par with the gifts i give the fam and my special lady friend...but i figure there is some sort of heirarchy that places them before everyone else....hmmm....i think too much about stuff that doesnt really right now...why the hell would i say something like that....oh well....ur probably bored right about now...wondering what the hell happened to steven and why he is rambling like this...its cuz i have nuff time on my hands since ALL MY FINALS ARE DONE!

oh is in less than a week and i can go outside in a muscle tee. what the f son? where the snow at?

mad excited to see everyone for the holidays...which means u ALL have to MAKE TIME so that we can ALL HANG OUT...pahty @ shaker's house...(note to shaker, stop shaking ur head)...u know whats good...

and yo, if u already here in the NYC, hit me up...let me kno how u doin...i want to see nuff ppl before ya'll run away again...okay? 718-436-4191 jus in case u don't have the number...
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